Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Third Trimester!

Third Trimester.  Did I even have the first two!!!  It's gone by quick but the thought of still having 3 months left and already being this size freaks me out a little bit. 

Landon and I think I was carrying more outward with Brielle and more up and down with Hase from these two comparisons.

I'm not sleeping that great right now. I get hot at night and unless the air is set at an exact temperature I can tell and I can't sleep!  No cravings.  I just always want to eat and when I do it's a lot.
 Don't read on if you don't like pregnancy details.
 I have officially become that pregnant woman who sneezes and yes....wets her pants a little.  Yup, how fabulous is that! It never happened with B! This better mean this baby is gonna slip on outta there super easy ha!  I actually think it's because of the way he is positioned really low and is head down already.
I felt Brielle hiccup for the first time at 28 weeks and that's also when I felt them with Hason.  Both my kids got the hiccups all the time in my belly.
I still feel really good! I contribute that to the chiropractor 100%! Minor aches and pains but nothing serious yet.  At least a couple days outta the week I need a nap to keep me going.  I am to the point now that I will no longer wear my regular pants....wahoo made it to 28 weeks!  They are getting too snug to be comfortable, hopefully the warm weather will stick around and I can just wear dresses.  Have I ever mentioned that my husband loves me pregnant? Well he does, I thinks it's cause everything gets bigger and rounder lol! He's so sweet though, I know there's women out there who's husbands don't find pregnancy attractive and that would be super sad.  He makes me feel beautiful no matter what.

We finally started on Hason's room!

My sweet little honey bear was eager to help!

It's also time for that dreaded glucose test! I hate it! Absolutely hate it!!!  I hate not getting to eat anything and having to fast, but my fabulous Dr. doesn't care if you fast so I had an egg that morning instead of going on a completely empty stomach. Oh and I HATE needles! This is the worst part about being pregnant if you ask me! The WORST part!  Especially since last time I was borderline on the one hour test so I had to do the 3 hour one and got pricked 5 times instead of one because my veins were shot by then. (I passed the 3 hour by the way)  I almost passed out on the way home though from hunger, thank God I took my mother with me and we stopped the first food joint we saw.
As far as the drink goes that everyone else hates..... I LOVE it.  I think is so good! But I like sweet stuff!

The dreaded chair!

My sweet side kick...I made her wait outside the room so she didn't see me freak out.

The lady that took my blood was actually the best I've ever had.  Everyone else does a horrible job at finding my vein (and I have very prominent veins so it shouldn't ever be a problem) and once they get it in there I can feel a pinching sensation....the thought of something pinching my vein just kills me! Luckily I didn't have that feeling this time! If we hadn't already decide this was our last baby this would have done it for me.  I never want to do this again.

I just love this little dress Brielle's Nonna gave her!

Afterwards I felt so sorry for myself I went home and pigged out, took a nap and went shopping!
Got myself a couple of super cute (non pregnant shirts)! I totally deserved them for the torture I went through right haha.  I know I'm such a baby!
I'd never  been in our Old Navy before but I loved it.  It was super organized and they had a kids play area! I just left B there to play while I shopped.  Flower Mound is rated in the top 10 safest cities in the country to live in and I seem to take advantage of that.  I just feel so safe here and I don't worry my kids are going to be taken by some creeper.  I told Landon I might be a little naive about that but at least I lock my doors, everyone else around here doesn't, from what I've been told ya just don't have to.

Update...failed the test. YUP! I'd rather smash my head against the wall than go to this stupid 3 hour test.  Lord help me and poor people that are going to have to wait on my very angry grumpy self when I get there. If we hadn't decided this was our last baby this would have made the decision for me, I hate this so much!  I am not a happy girl right now!


  1. Diana, your comment cracked me up on my post the other day! I appreciate your sweet compliments! You look amazing too mama! I can't believe you're already in the third trimester, your pregnancy has flown by!! Oh my gosh you're going to love having a boy!!! He will be the most handsome thing, I know! It will melt your heart to watch your first born love on your new baby, it brings me to tears every time!! I check in on you often and I'm with you...needles ARE the worst part of pregnancy. In fact, I told James that the worst part of my labor and delivery with both kids was the IV they stuck in my arm!! HA! :)

    1. Needles are the pits lol! I can't imagine my baby holding my baby! What a moment that will be!


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