Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tanner's Bachelor Party

All of Landon's best friends from Amarillo came to town a couple weekends ago for Tanner's bachelor party.  Brian's family owns a lake hows and the guys had it all to themselves. I begged Landon to remember to take pictures so this blog wouldn't be solely about Diana and Brielle's lives lol.

I couldn't imagine what they did all weekend......

He never looks this happy with me! lol!

I was glad he got to spend the weekend relaxing with his favorite people and wake boarding of course. That's one of his favorite sports now that he doesn't get to do too often, but he's dang good at it considering!  Landon's good at anything he tries!

The neighbors had 3 doberman pinschers and a rottweiler (how flippin cool is that!)They kept running back and forth and jumping into the water haha.  Landon was kicking himself for not getting a picture/video.

After a day of wake boarding they hit up the Rangers game.


I'm a little jealous he go to hang with these guys......I love these idiots guys!

Some of them just couldn't hang baahaa! I told them to put something in his mouth...nobody listens to me...he's lucky I wasn't there!

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