Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekend Without Plans

This weekend was pretty plan free, I love having things to do but love these types of weekends equally as much!
I made these little cards for B for word recognition and she looooved them.....she did it over and over and over, literally like 10 times that day!  I'd have her read the color on the colored paper out loud and then say the color out loud as well when she found it on he white one.

She was so proud she could "read" her colors, she just had to show dad as soon as he got home!

 Marcus baseball game.  Those nachos were dang good!

We painted Hanson's chaining table that Aunt Emily and Uncle Trent gave us.

Organized our garage.........

and set aside things we wanted to sell...........
$500 plus tax...anyone?

I made homemade corn dogs..yum!

Poor little Eskimo! We would never sell you!


And we got sno cones!! I don't know about where you come from but in Amarillo you can get a small for like $1.25 and that's all I ever get cause half way through my toungue is so cold I can't taste anymore anyways so a large would be a waste to me....I was shocked and not very happy at these prices!!! What the heck!
We'll give Amarillo that one! So far the tally is...
Dallas: 173
Amarillo: 35

But they do have fun things for kids to do!

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