Friday, May 3, 2013

Doggies and Church!

One of my all time dreams came true this weekend!  We got to take Neely our American Eskimo dog to church!  We still haven't set our hearts on joining  a particular one yet even though we've been visiting our current church for about 8 months now.  There isn't anything I don't like about it I just can't quite commit yet.  I think I have to morn the loss of our church back home for good.  That has been the hardest part about moving for sure.
Anyways back to dog church.  Landon was looking up other churches in the surrounding cities to visit when he stumbled across this!  He handed me the I pad and said "This is the most ridiculous thing! I found your church" I just about died!! I love to joke when we are in church on Sundays and ask him what he would do if Neely just strolled on in there while we were in worship lol. He never answers my question. When we go anywhere I always ask him if Eskies are allowed, he normally ignores that questions too, but this time he had to say YES! WaHoo!  (my sister Kasey did sneak Abner into church once, he was wrapped in a blanket and everyone thought she had a baby ha! He was so good all through service like we knew he would be)

There were probably 200 cars in the parking lot and guess who we just happened to park by, the only other Eskie there ha! Landon hated his life. (But secretly enjoyed it)

Every seat had a service announcements and doggie treat.

The sermon was called the K9ments! It was actually a really good service based on dogs of course and how we should all be more like our pets.  Dogs are loyal and we need to be loyal to each other and loyal followers of Christ.  Dogs love unconditionally the way we should love others the way Christ has loved us.  Dogs take time to rest.  You get the idea.

It was fun getting to do church with Brielle, she's always in the nursery so we don't get to have that time with her.  I wish churches did what my old church did when we were little.  All the kids would go to praise and worship and communion and then they would dismiss them to their classes.  I like the idea of getting some time with your children in church and them being able to watch you and learn.

Sweet moment when we all got to hold hands during prayer time.

I knew Neely would do excellent in church!

After service it was off to the activities.  There was face painting, bounce houses, games, food, a doggie park , did I mention food!

Theses folks were so proud of their pit bull.  She had on a pink shirt with a very blinged out leash and harness.  Here she is getting her face painted lol!  They obviously didn't' have any kids!

Brielle loved her owl tattoo   She didn't know what a tattoo was.  Well it's something you will never have for real!!!! That's what, end of story!

She did this slide about 45 times (that's her favorite number right now) while we were there. She'd scream all the way down every time, it was so cute to us.

Balloon animal American Eskimo.

Hot Dogs were $1 and they started giving them away towards the end of the event.

What a big girl waiting in line.  I had to intervene a couple of times when kids kept cutting her.  It's annoying the kids that aren't monitored and just allowed to run lose at these things.  It's also ridiculous that an 8 year old take advantage of  a 3 year old and cut in front of her! They should know better at that age and if their parents won't say something  I sure will.  Also people...teach your kids to be quiet in the library!  A kid as young as two can learn to whisper....they are smart ya know!!! End of Rant.

Landon literally waited in line 30 minutes for these freakin nachos!

All for nothing cause they started giving away the whole pizzas they couldn't sell, score!

Look at their beautiful baptism pool!  I may have to have maternity pictures taken here!

Neely loves coming with us and I wish she could come more places! When she was a puppy I'd take her up to Hollister where I worked and keep her there all day.  The boys who worked for me loved that cause they would carry her around the store and the girls that were shopping would flock to them lol, of course who doesn't love a puppy that looks like a polar bear! I also took her shopping with me everywhere in my purse and even to Chilis one time ha, can't get away with that now...she's just to big :(
Can you tell she had a full day of fun.

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