Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sing Loud

We went and visited daddy at work a few weeks ago.....

We ate at a chilis by his work and all the tables had one of these. It was so cool, you could pay to play games on it and pay your ticket right at your table.  I think it did other stuff to but I can't remember.

That evening my daddy took us all out to Texas Roadhouse

They think they're rock stars.

We played a little ball that weekend father like daughter lol!!!

I just love that belly!!!!!  My favorite! She used to walk with it sticking out like this when she was little :)

Landon and my sister thought I needed a break and literally gave me no choice but to go out, so I put on a new dress I bought while I was preggo hoping it would fit someday.

We went to our fav place...BJ's.  There are always fun people to talk to and laugh with.  I have to admit I was pretty tired and ready to go home after that.

Love seeing people wearing a good shirt! I have a pic somewhere with a guy wearing a "vote for pedro" shirt and a "guido" shirt as well.  Someday I would like to feel like I've made it "here".

We thought a piano bar sounded fun so we found one that was highly rated and tried it out.  Both our phones died so we didn't' get anymore pictures, sad day.  This place turned out to be AWESOME!  I had soooo much fun! It's my new favorite place and I want to take EVERYONE there!!!  One of my favorite nights by far! So glad they made me go!

Then it was back to reality and these cute ole thighs!

What you lookin at?

Is it my hair?

It's exhausting being a baby!

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