Monday, May 5, 2014

The Easter Bunny Came!

I have SOOO many pictures and blog post to catch up on...I am so overwhelmed.  I don't like to get this far behind cause then I get confused on what I have posted and the order the events happened.
With that said as overwhelming and time consuming as it may be, I love this little scrapbook of our lives and vow to continue on for as long as I can :)
  We had our cousins the Coleman's over for lunch one weekend, we went to an Easter egg hunt for the kids, super windy day but still fun.  Anyways, apparently all those pictures got deleted off Landon's phone :(  Even the one of me and Trent competing in the "adult" Easter egg hunt. 
My friend Crystal was in town for an interview a few weeks ago and my friend Natalie is about to graduate with her masters so we all met up for lunch to celebrate a bit.
My little flower girl.....
B had her Easter egg hunt at school.  I bought her that smocked dress when she was two! She has now worn it 3 years in a year will probably be her last cause it will fit more like a shirt  (she had to wear pants with it this year).  Smocks are expensive but so worth the money cause they last forever!
 Well I wasn't going to play along with all this Easter Bunny business, we didn't really get Easter baskets as kids and we never believed in the Easter bunny.  Well Brielle changed my mind on that, she was already asking when the Easter bunny was going to arrive haha.  So I put together their baskets of goodies and set them on the front porch from the Easter Bunny :)
 I asked her what she thought the Easter Bunny would bring her.  She said "maybe big kid stuff like nail polish" lol, little did she know the Bunny had a Frozen basket planned for her, don't think she'll be disappointed about the nail polish at all. 

She got  Elsa and Anna bubble necklaces

Little Handsome got a basket full of balls, when we were at the library a few weeks earlier they had some bouncy balls there, he looooved them.  I never realized we didn't have any balls laying around for him to play with so now he does :)
Dad wanted me to take a picture of him with his first baseball! 
And I finally finished his Easter Basket insert. It was not easy but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

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