Thursday, October 23, 2014

Closing of a House and a Chapter.

We made it to Amarillo!  One of our first stops was Napolis Italian Restaurant! I just love their food and their patio seating even more! We met Landons mom and sister there too!

Nonna and Brielle had to stop and play in the beautiful fall leaves.....

I edited this on my phone and it made my hair look blue ha!
What a little honey bear beauty!

Of course I had to stop and see my dearest friend Tana and get my hair trimmed. 

I remember when we used to think Amarillo rush hour was bad PSH!

Landon's grandparents had lived in this house for 44 years and decided to sell it this year.  We had to drive out there and see it one last time.  You never forget the sound of that gravel driveway.  That would be awfully hard and I don't know if I would ever be ok after letting go of all those memories so therefore Landon and I have to get our last home before we live there for too many years.

One last time on the back porch swing :(

How cute is this picture!!!!!!!

If I was Randy I'd be bawling my eyes out.  This is the home he grew up in! This is the only house Landon has ever known his grandparents to live in and I've been coming here for 15 years! It's so sad.

Meeting up with Poppy (and Grammy joined us later) at Landon's favorite Blue Sky.


  1. Glad y'all had a fun visit to Amarillo even though it was to say goodbye to a house full of memories! At least the memories are with you forever. Blue Sky…if we ever moved away, I think that would be my one "must visit" restaurant in town. I always laugh when people complain about traffic here, they obviously haven't lived in Dallas where there is REAL traffic, ha! ;)


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