Monday, October 6, 2014

Meeting Mater and Lightening!

Fall is coming up quick so I know my days in our pool are limited....I try to take advantage while I can!
This girl needs a bath and a haircut...... we both do ha.

Our little beauty goes almost everywhere with a tiara on her head...and why not ;)

I'm a little addicted to online shopping.  It's way more fun for me to get gifts to myself in the mail than to go to a mall and buy it. This is my newest love......

This is my other fave necklace...J.Crew, my cousin bought me for mothers day cause she's awesome like that!

Finally gave her a bath and brushed her hair, it's insane how much fluff comes out of this small dog during shedding season.

First pumpkin pie of the year....

One of my friends on facebook alerted me that they had seen Mater and Lightning Mcqueen parked outside a restaurant about 30 minutes from our house.  It was quite the adventure to find that place, my friend isn't from here and so she just described kinda where it was, luckily my hubby knows where everything is!  We couldn't wait to show Brielle the surprise....that is if the surprise was still there once we arrived.

She makes us laugh cause shes so much like her dad.  Anytime he or she gets a huge surprise they act so normal and calm and hardly surprised or excited at all, haha who does that?  I act a fool!

I'm happy to say we made it and it was so incredibly cute!

That little old man that owned these did such a good job on them, especially Mater.   I believe Uncle Trent drove a car like Lightening back in high school but it was blue.

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