Wednesday, October 1, 2014

These Babies of Mine!

This sweet boy is a beautiful mess!

See what I'm saying.  I was folding clothes and it got real quiet...I called for Hason and here he comes around the corner with an  "up to no good" look in his eye mixed with a little bit of cuteness to keep himself outta trouble.  It was so cute, he looks at me and hands me over the desitin as if it's no big deal. "oh here mom, were you looking for this?" 

Then he got upset about it lol.

Honey bear started school and had a fabulous first day. We are 4 weeks in and she's still loving it.  She got upset the first week cause she didn't want to go home when I picked her up, guess that's a good problem to have.

This guy had 4 molars coming in at the same time.  It was a rough couple of weeks I tell ya.  

Happy boy with his teething tablets.  I don't like to give medicine but he was feeling so bad.  Then I saw a post on facebook where these tablets were causing seizures.  FABULOUS, nothings safe to consume in this dang world anymore!

I was featured on the Venus Factor website which was an honor and kinda embarrassing all at the same time.  I just love my job and that program!

I gotta post this so my kids know how thrifty and awesome at finding deals their momma is.  I scored all this for like $23!!! The chairs were free!! 
I love little family traditions, here and  there I like to declare it breakfast for dinner week.....

While sis is in school me and this little boy get to spend time together.  Hope he learns to love shopping.  Excuse the no shoes.  I wasn't planning on really going anywhere after I dropped off Brielle.

I couldn't tell if he missed her or not but they sure have fun chasing each other around the house, it's so sweet to see them play.

He can't stay off this table.  He climbs up then starts making whiny sounds to get my attention so I can save him, he can get up there but can't get back down.  I know he can hurt himself doing this but it's so cute to me, it's hard to get on to him.  Landon says I'm way to soft on him...but he's just a baby.

I die for this outfit!

He had a good ole time at the library this morning.  He found these farm animals and wouldn't let them go.

I can't believe they let them play with rice.  What a mess, I was still finding rice all over when I changed him into his pjs that night lol

Bless his little heart when another kid came up and took his other ball.  Man does that flare up some rage inside of me, momma bear gets angry.  But like a good mom I just let it be cause we can't save them from everything can we.

We had our first really cool day in September with drizzly rain.  I thought it was the perfect day to eat junk food and watch a movie in bed with my honey.

These are the days!

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