Monday, October 6, 2014

Uno and Headbandz

I love lazy days with the family with nothing to do.  On this particular day we ate lunch, played around in Academy and then hit up Bahama Bucks for some sno cones!  The last time we had a sno cone from here was in Amarillo years ago.  We had to go back and return our sno cones, it seemed a plastic spoon had fallen into the ice crusher cause I had small plastic pieces mixed into my ice.  The idiot kids didn't believe me and they were reluctant to give us a refund.  I obviously didn't want another sno cone unless they made a new batch of ice!  
Anyways this trip was way better than that one.

They even had this cute Bahama Bucks starter kit for sweet is that!

Like I said we haven't been here in years so I don't know if all of them have this but they had board games and card games galore!  We had the best time.

We moved the party outside cause after eating all that ice it was freezing being indoors.
Brielle had never played headbandz, she loved it.  I like how Landon got a princess ha.
She was tickled at all the characters she got...I may or may not have purposely picked those our for her :)

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