Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Softball with Dada

Since this kid has decided to go all picky on me I've had to resort to giving him smoothies for lunch to make sure he gets his green veggies.  He's still a little sick here so I was glad he was drinking it up.  I can hide all sorts of stuff in there like chai seeds and almonds! 

Watching Dada play softball.  Not really.  We didn't sit for more than 5 minutes before he was up running around and doing everything he wasn't supposed to be doing.  I get so nervous when the kids don't stay under the covered benches.  I'm so afraid they may get hit with a ball because I actually have and I've had numerous close encounters and Breille has had a couple of close ones too!  I left after 20 minutes exhausted and defeated.  Both kids crying cause Hason was tired and Brielle didn't want to leave the playground.  All I wanted to do was watch my husband play ball and the reality set in that that wouldn't happen for another few years probably.  I probably won't go back to another game, it's too much work and not worth the trouble.  Made me really miss my high school/college days when I could actually go watch his game in peace.    I love these babies but I would love the chance to go back to when we were first married and it was just the two of us and do it all over again.  I would make sure to enjoy every second and soak it all in.  Love that man of mine!

Good thing he's so gosh darn cute!

He's started pointing and it the most precious thing ever!  He gets so excited when he has something to show us.

Practicing a little on his own....don't know where the leaf came from lol...boys!

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