Saturday, October 25, 2014

The House That Built Me.

I decided  since we were in Amarillo I wanted to drive to Dumas (the town I grew up in till I was 13) and visit my good friend Chrissy.  She has been so sick... SO SO SICK from West Nile.  This disease is no joke! This disease is horrible lasting months and months with terrible symptoms that make you feel like you have meningitis and other horrible side effects as well.  
I've been so worried about her I had to go see her in person and hug her neck! She was incredibly surprised when I walked in, she didn't believe it was me.  She wanted to ask if she could get a picture of me to send to her friend Diana cause we looked so much alike lol!

Next stop was to visit some old friends of mine, Charlotte and Tiffney.

Charlotte was my 4-h leader all through elementary school and Jr. High.  She loves animals.  She went from training dogs to livestock to now showing rabbits.  She was like another mother to me.  She always helped me groom my dog and get him ready for the show.

Good gosh that's a lot of rabbits!

Tiffney is Charlotte's daughter and her and I became the best of friends during our 4-h dog show years.  My gosh how I miss those days so incredibly much, we had training practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays...those were my favorite days of the week! I had the best childhood a kid could ask for.

 Of course I had to do some driving around and reminisce about my old homes.   My mom did such  good job keeping us entertained.  There is nothing to do in that town so we spent most our time at the park and riding bikes with her.  I drove through the neighborhoods we would ride our bikes through, I got teary eyed thinking about doing that with my mom and sisters and a lot of the houses reminded me of special moments on our rides.  

This is the home I was born in, well not born in but you know what I mean.  I lived here till I was 7. 

Then there was this house.  This is the one that means the world to me because we were all a bit older when we lived there and made the most memories in.  I love this house.  I love all my homes, I have an attachment to all of them.  That big lava rock there in the middle we used to pretend to ride cause we thought it looked like a horse. :) 

I know they say you cant go home again. 
I just had to come back one last time. 
Ma'am I know you don't know me from Adam. 
But these hand prints on the front steps are mine. 
And up those stairs, in that little back bedroom 
is where I did my homework and I learned to play guitar. 
And I bet you didn't know under that live oak 
my favorite dog is buried in the yard. 

I thought if I could touch this place or feel it 
this brokenness inside me might start healing. 
Out here its like I'm someone else, 
I thought that maybe I could find myself 
if I could just come in I swear I'll leave. 
Won't take nothing but a memory 
from the house that built me.

 So...... crazy me decided to stop.  I pulled into the driveway and rang the doorbell thinking "I look like a cute innocent girl", surely they will let me in to look around right? I don't look like no serial killer.  Well a sweet little old man answered the door. I introduced myself and told him this was the house we had grown up in, and I have a crazy question to ask "can I come in and look around?" He didn't hesitate for a second! I was soooo happy, kinda embarrassing cause as I walk in there I of course start crying. His little wife came out later on and took me to all the back bedrooms and let me take pictures of everything!  I'm so thankful to them, I told them not to be surprised if my sisters start stopping by as well haha.  They said "send them" sweet couple they were!   The last time I was in this home we were all  living together as a family of 5, I was 13. That was 20 years ago!!!!! How the hell does that happen?

My family would sit at our round white table in mustard yellow chairs and I would sit at the bar,  cause I was big and too cool and a maybe little because I would annoy my sisters at dinner time so I had to be separated from them :)

The living room used to have rails running down the hallway  and there were no columns.  I love columns and if I ever build a home there will be columns somewhere (or everywhere)  so I loved how they updated the place.  We had these 80's green couches on the left side of the room and our tv was in the same spot as theirs.  We had a formal dining room table to the right.

This was my room, it used to be pink of course.

Shern and Kasey's room, they had twin beds side by side and my mom painted their room purple.  Back then it was cool to sponge paint so my mom sponge painted hearts as trim in my room and I believe purples stars all over Sherry Ann and Kasey's room, such a good mom.

Mommy and Daddy's room, it still looks the same cause their furniture was pretty similar haha.

The stone fireplace used to be black, the stones stick out and have good crevices which made it fun to play with our toys on them.

The utility room, it reminds me of our poodle named skittles, brings back memories of him cause that's where he slept at night.

This room was a formal living room when we lived there and it was all closed off.  It was a waste of space for sure, I like that they opened it up.  Boy was my heart FULL this day!  When I got home Landon of course rolled his eyes at me cause I have no shame and am always doing these kinds of shenanigans.  I was so concerned about the people who lived there not trusting me and being afraid to let me into their home I didn't think about them being crazy or trying to kill me, oops, that was probably a big detail I didn't think of haha.

Next little home that was special to my heart was my grandmas.  It's run down now which is sad.

Last was my cousins house.  I was very pleased to see how well it was taken care of.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  My family will be sad to know I didn't see any Jimmy boys or Keagan BAAHAAA!  (inside joke)
Farewell Dumas! You couldn't pay me to live there again but it holds a very very special place in my heart and I love going back.

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