Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wine Fest and Camping

Grapevine Winefest takes on a whole new meaning with kids, meaning no wine at all.  We still had fun though.

Poor little handsome wasn't being himself.  We thought it might be his teeth.  When we got home he had a low grade fever of 101 :( poor baby. We are so lucky though!  It's been almost exactly a year since the last time he was sick!!! Our kids have been super healthy so far and I hope and pray it stays that way!

He thoroughly enjoyed the petting zoo and getting to see all the Go Go's and Cawk Coes... that's his other name for animals :)  God I love him!!!

Will someone PLEASE buy me a chicken!!!!!

I know you see more pictures of him now a days than Brielle.  I reassure you I love them the same.  Believe it or not he is so much easier to get a picture of.  She is busy and doesn't want to comply.  Also he changes so much from month to month still.  I gotta capture that!

She is so fun to take places and a joy to be around.  Hason needs to catch up haha. 

My family (minus us) decided to get a campsite that night.  It was the most perfect evening!  The kids and I drove all the way to Lake Grapevine (12 minutes from our house! How great is that)  to hang out with them before it got dark and take in the beautiful weather. 

Poor baby, still had a fever but was a trooper for us.  His fever lasted a day and a half.  Since it was so low I didn't give him any medicine.  I wanted it to run its course.  I just tried to keep him comfortable, cool and hydrated. 

Hugs from Lita make things better......

Do you see the size of this tent in comparison to Hason! My mother is going to sleep in that.  I know she's short but come on lady, you couldn't get a normal adult tent?  She makes me nuts sometimes with the way she does things.

Kinda like when she forgot any type of toppings for this baked potato and gave us tuna to put on there like it was totally normal.   Gross and weird mom.  Gross and weird. 

Lol, Yasmin! She told me not to post this so people don't think I have an ugly aunt.  I'm gonna post it anyways so I can go back a laugh at it :)

There that's better...

This little bird had the best time running around collecting sticks and rocks.  

This one always likes to take "romantic" pictures with my uncle.  I'll humor them.

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