Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Main Street Days

We drove to South Irving one Saturday for a little festival they had.  We of course had to look at the cars on display cause we are a little obsessed.  We had a bit of an annoying moment when this old guy stood up all puffed up and tall to glare over at Brielle to make sure she didn't break his precious car.  She didn't touch any of them except for this one of course because she loved it so much.  She put her fingers to her lips and then put her little fingers on the car to give it the kiss.  How sweet is that.  The old man yelled "don't touch the car."  Oh HELL no he didn't!   I'm all about my kids following the rules and being respectful and I was watching her like a hawk around those cars but come on dude.... your car is gonna get touched once or twice when you bring it to a car show!   No worries though... I let him know what I thought.  I wanted to punch him in the face!  I know there are annoying misbehaved kids out there that need to be yelled at, but not mine! They are practically angels when we go out in public! (hopefully it stays that way, it may be too soon to tell with Hason lol)

Hason was all grins until he actually went down then he clung to Landon.  They both look scared here haha.

Honey bear loves horses!  They are her favorite animal.  They had a lot for the kids to do and lots of crafts and it was all free!  

When we started the day it was so nice then it got super hot, we had to stop in at McDonald's for some Icees!

Hason has learned how to play peek a boo.  He covers his little face by pulling up his shirt or with his hands and says "AHHH BOO!" lol

Wheeeeeeere's HASON?


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  1. Oh my! I totally agree! That old man should've been aware that his car will be greased by a lot of fingers if he brought it to an open car show. Anyway, good thing the children were well behaved and the situation didn't escalate that much. At least everyone had a great day. Thanks for sharing the fun with us! All the best! :)

    Bradford Oliver @ Lacustoms Performance Products


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