Monday, October 20, 2014

Surprise Kasey! I'm Here!

I decided to take a trip to visit my sister in Kansas about a month ago.  I feel like for the past 5 years I've been pregnant, breastfeeding and just plain poor lol.  So I haven't gotten to travel much on my own or take girls trips because I've had two people living off of my body for 3 years!  I kinda feel FREE now!  It's nice to feel like I can go places and that my kids will survive without me :)  Also with my new little job I can put that money to good use and take mini trips.  I may be a little too excited at my new found freedom cause I have already left twice this month and I'm planning a girls trip sometime next spring or summer! Let the fun begin!  

I took Neely with me so I'd have company and someone to talk to.  She wasn't much entertainment though.  I took advantage of my 7 1/2 hour trip and played my music LOUD the whole time.  How glorious to get to listen to what YOU want without corrupting little ears in the back seat ;)

I arrived just before Kasey got off work.  Did I mention this was a surprise?   I met Colton at their apartment, put away my things then he and I headed to the restaurant where Kasey was supposed to meet him after work.  You should have seen her face when she walked in.  She looked at me like who's this B sitting with my husband.  I had the biggest smile on my face so I'm sure that made her more mad lol.  Then she realized it was me.... "What are you doing here!!!!"  She kept saying over and over "I can't believe you're here!"  She had no idea :)

The next morning they took me around Aggieville.  I swear they have the best little hole in the wall restaurants ever!  

I tell ya our family has an eating problem.... Yup that was all hers.  I made her share half her pancake though :)

After brunch we went to the mall of course.  It was the littlest mall with the smallest Victoria's Secret I've ever seen. Actually it was exactly like the old one in Westgate mall in Amarillo until they remodeled it.  People in Manhattan KS are different.  They don't dress up much or get ready for that matter.  You should have seen the little guy working at the sunglass hut when we walked up "Oh my gosh I wish more pretty people shopped here" he said lol.  Then he told me he loved my Louis.  I had 3 people comment on my purse.  I tell ya it's a different world up there.

While at the mall I found my Halloween costume.  I've always wanted to be an Eskimo.  (No really, when I was little and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up I'd say a dog lol, what a weird kid I was)  Seriously though, why did Hot Topic have and Eskimo mask! I died!

Then Kasey took me over to see the salon that she works at.  It was really cute inside and her co workers were all so incredibly nice!

In the morning I liked to crawl in bed with them and all three dogs.  One big cozy happy family!

Lol what an awkward picture......

I told them I had nothing on my agenda but to eat at two places we had been to last time we visited.  Taco Lucha and Varsity Donuts.   This particular evening was Taco Lucha night!! MMMMMM!  I just love fancy little tacos!

The college there had a football game that weekend so the band was walking up and down the main streets playing their music.  They would invade all the restaurants and put on a little show, how cute is that!

I came for the bean dip.  Got the girl to tell me how to make it so hopefully I can replicate this delectable dish!

mmmm and their pineapple salsa!

Oh and the tacos of course, I could only eat two since I filled up on beans.

Meanwhile Landon send me a picture of his meal plans for the weekend.  I guess he was sick of eating veggies and quinoa.

It was so nice to get away but boy did I have moments where I felt like i needed to go home right away.  Missed my babes. 
Hason could not figure out why mom was in the phone....

I also missed these dogs like CRAZY!!!  I don't know why I love them so much, there's just something really, really, really special about them.

Dammit Abner! I was trying to get a good selfie with him until he flicked his pointy little ear into my eye!

Just look at him! Look at how he's loving me back.

This dog does not like pictures.... but he will take one for his udder mudder....that's me :)

These two remained locked up in the kitchen cause sometimes you don't know what they are up too.

Alright Alright!!! It's donut time!!!!!!!!!!

Pistachio and blueberry....

This was just the weekend I needed.  Kasey felt a little bad cause there just isn't much to do there but I didn't want to do much or have any definite plans.  We literally slept in late everyday, ate brunch, window shopped, napped and ate again then back to the apartment to watch a movie.  Oh and drank a little too.  What more could you want! So relaxing!

After breakfast we stopped in on this little vintage used book store/library.  They had a cat in the window.  A real cat that they rescued and lives in there haha.

That put us in the mood for some coffee so we went to Hastings and messed around in there.  This is such a small town, behind in a lo.  Their Hastings didn't have kiosks for me to look up books.  You actually had to find a person to help you... what?  Maybe Hastings never does that, I don't know I haven't been in one in years, but Barnes and Nobles do.

Kasey found this in a magazine.  You had one job!!!

That afternoon we stopped at a little pizza joint for some beer.  We were having so much fun we decided to stay for pizza too.

Then it was time to go :(  I love my sister, she is my best friend.  I feel at home when I'm with them.  Colton took good care of me too.  I was sad to leave.

But happy I got to go home to my people....

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