Thursday, October 23, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

So about 6 months ago Landon and I were suckered into sitting through a time share presentation all in the name of getting free nights at the Great Wolf Lodge.  They said we would be there for 2 hrs, well that turned into 4.  It was not that fun but I really enjoyed getting to spend some alone time with Landon, he makes everything better :)   After it was all said and done it was pretty much like them paying us $100 an hour to go.... so WELL worth it in the end!! I'll take $400 any day!

So we surprised the kiddos with 2 nights and 3 days at the Lodge.  B was pretty excited, it was so fun to see her face!  Let me start by saying do not waste your money on more than two nights, two nights gets you 3 days at the park and that's more than enough.  The place looks awesome and huge but really there isn't that much to do there, they have two kiddie areas and like 4 big slides, a lazy river and a wave pool, that's it.  We had done everything there is to do after the first day.  I mean 12 hours at a water park is A LOT!  

I loved that she could just run free and we didn't have to worry much about her since the water wasn't deep and she can swim now.

They have this big can see the stairs leading up to it behind Landon.  I had the most fun standing up there and dumping buckets of water on unsuspecting people going under the bridge from the lazy river!!! LOL, I felt so sneaky! Landon and I laughed so hard!

I loved that they had life jackets for the itty bittys, they even had a handle on the back so I could hold on to him while he was walking through the water without wearing out my back from bending over.  Hason loved his life jacket he would kick his legs up and float on his back, he ate it up!

That evening they had a bedtime story in the lounge for all the kids.  It was so nice going during off season on random weekdays cause there was practically nobody there!
I wasn't much of a fan of the story time singing by these creepy fake manikin people : / The animals were cute but the people were not!  My sisters and I would have been scared of them when we were little.

After all the annoying singing the little squirrel came out with one of the employees and read a book, that was cute and all the kids got a chance to get a picture with her.

Soooo someone decided he didn't want to sleep all night.  He woke up at 2am screaming and crying.  I was so mad but look how incredibly cute and squishy he looks here.  I ended up taking him home and then going back the next day. Good thing we only live 25 minutes away from there.

Oh and on top of all the nonsense at 2/3am  I was completely outta gas, so I had to stop by myself in the middle of the night to fill up. Talk about frustrating.

The next day we played at the park for half a day and then were done.  We decided to skip out on the rest of the day and just go home since we would be driving to Amarillo the next day.  As we were packing up Brielle asks "are we going to Amarillo now?"  Well no, but Landon and I looked at each other like "why not!" So spontaneously we decided to head out that evening! I love doing stuff like that!
But first we had to stop at walmart and pick up a portable dvd player.  I don't know how none of us didn't notice that Hason had on no pants haha, he fit right in at walmart!

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