Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sweet Nothings

How fun are toddlers! Brielle says the cutest most sweetest things on a daily basis, she gives Landon and I a lot to talk and laugh about before bed that's for sure!
When Brielle was really little and she'd fall or hit her head I'd say "no no floor, or no no wall" depending on what she hit to distract her from the pain, It always she still does that but sometimes it barely makes sense!
She bumped her head on her changing table yesterday and said "No No diaper right here!"

The other day she was looking a little distressed and said "SOOO heavy poo pooin!" (Translation, this is a hard poo to get out ha!)Then when she finished she excitedly said "There ya go!" BAAHAA here mom here's your present!

I can't stand anyone being in MY kitchen when I'm cooking, well little B was getting in my way so I put my hand on her back and led her out of the kitchen, she sat on the floor and said "Don't push momma! Don't push B-elle!"

Then she made her way back in with her giant high chair tray, so this time I made sure not to touch her and said "Brielle can you get out of the kitchen please" and she says "I'm busy Momma! B-elle's busy!" Well I had to just let her be, because when we tell her we are busy she leaves us alone and I like to try to show her the same respect, and it was just tooooo darn cute!

She started to jump on the bed the other day and when I looked at her she say "No jump on bed, jump on carpet" Yes so true!

We got home one night and Neely had chewed up B's sippy cup. Brielle yells "UH OH, CHEWED UP IT"

She has started covering mouth when she cries, so cute, maybe she's embarrassed or just trying to make it more dramatic looking than it really is ha!

She is such a good little girl and the only time she gets in trouble is when she wants to do something by herself and we don't let her, that's when the major fits begin. She likes to try to be independent but sometimes we have to take over and she hates that!

There's that beside the head finger pointing I love!

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