Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Critters 25st Birthday

Trent aka Critter turned 25 on Thursday, we got a bunch of friends together to celebrate at one of the coolest new restaurants downtown called Rain.


Natalie brought sparklers as candles....They said "do not use indoors" haha they had to be put out by dipping them in a glass of water! Boy did they smoke up the room!

Emily, Me and Chad, some of my favorite old friends I never get to see anymore! They are both single by the way...wink wink!

Emily's sushi worm, so cute!

Landon bought Trent a sake bomb




Then Emily decided to buy ALL of us sake bombs!



It was sooo fun!




We decided to walk down the street to find another place to have some more fun and look what we found.....The Sigma Nu's! Apparently they were hosting a party to benefit St. Jude, so we stopped in!



Ummm it wouldn't be a complete post without our little Indian girl now would it!
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