Thursday, December 1, 2011

Austin/Gustin Thanksgiving

Mini Thanksgiving with friends.

There are actually 4 of us in this picture!!! Surprise! It's not me! My friend Jessi on the left is expecting in June! I'm voting girl!

My mom called us while we were at dinner and said Brielle had thrown up, so she slept with me that night, bless her heart she through up 9 times that night but was just fine the next day. I was kinda glad to just have a 24hr illness, usually it's croup that last for weeks!

Before we could go to sleep though we had to introduce all of her friends to the camera, this is Bubba,

this is Lion,

and Elmo!

Sunday we had Thanksgiving with Landon's mom's side of the family.
They decided to have Mexican food since everyone was probably sick of turkey by then (except me, I could eat thanksgiving food all year long, even if we do have the same thing at every gathering, it still all tastes different because different people made it!) I don't like Mexican food unless it's homemade and it was delicious!!!

Of course it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without skyping Kaytie!
I am so Thankful for skype, and the ability to still get to see my sister in law from time to time and that she can see Brielle as well. We miss her so much!

After skype we played several rounds of catch phrase and we just laughed and laughed but I got sooo into the game I forgot to take any pictures! ugh I was so mad at myself!

I am so blessed with the life I have and I greatly appreciate all the blessings the Lord has given me!

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