Monday, December 19, 2011

Gymnastics Christmas Party

Brielle had her final gymnastics class last week
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The kids had full range of the entire gym to do whatever they pleased! It was sooo fun!

I like this picture because it looks like I'm really doing real life it fell straight to my feet!

The last 15 minutes of class was the Christmas party.....we all brought goodies for the kids to eat.
I don't know why she decided to lay down by her food but she did ha!

Landon joined us for her last day! We love that he is able to come share days like this with us!

Brielle gave Miss Brandi her Christmas present. We love her so much!

Certificate of Completion!!!
She did so well, when we first started the class I was afraid she was too young because she didn't turn 2 till the middle of the semester. I glad we did it though, Brielle has gained so many new skills including learning to wait her turn (that was a hard one)

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