Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cousinly love

Since Natalies been in town we have been trying to spend some good quality time together, We took a trip to Lubbock for some shopping and fun!

I got Brielle this cute little dress from Crazy 8, wish we had one of those!

I also scored these adorable boots for her, hopefully they will fit next year too! Uggs are my all time favorite shoes for little girls in the winter, they look cute with everything and most importantly keep their little feet so warm!

Cutest firefighters ever!

Sad that it was necessary to print this on the bag.

Before we headed back we stopped at Cheddar's for some snacks and drinks

Our pick me ups for the drive home

Naturally we planned a Kourtney and Kim take New York night together.

Natalie and Trent had us over to their hotel and they cooked for us!

Nothing like a little wine, some homemade authentic Italian food and sopapilla cheesecake!

I love the Kardasians, I get their sense of humor and laugh through every episode, love their style (clothes, fingernail polish, hair, makeup) and how close they are to their family, reminds me of mine. I also love that even as pretty as they are they aren't afraid to act silly together in front of others ...I also like that though they are crazy they have some conservative thinking and were raised that way (did you know Kim always tithes her 10%!), but don't get me wrong, they are not my heros, I'm not a little kid and I know what a good role model is...there are some things I wish they just wouldn't do.

Super excited about the food!!!!!

Kardashian quote of the night "When I get older, I'm living alone!"

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