Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family time

We've been able to have a few lazy days here and there during this busy holiday season.
We've been able to snuggle and watch some Christmas movies together.
Yes, even Neely
Brielle said "who's that" and I replied "Cindy Lou" she said "NO THAT'S BRIELLE", Alrighty then!

I made this dress for B last year for Christmas.....

and I got another years wear out of it, still doesn't look that short, maybe next year she could wear it as a shirt!
We have spent some good money on crafts this year since we've been stuck in the house so much and toddlers get bored really fast ha.
No stain finger paint!

The library had a craft day this week and we took advantage and made the Grandparents some gifts!

A Christmas tree for Lita,

Pop up card for Gigi and Gannpa,

And a "hand" painted Christmas tree for Nonna,
Oh and we headed to Walmart to trade in the dvd player we won at Landon's bank party and got ourselves a wii!! We are sooo excited, I think this will be something fun our whole family can enjoy soon!
I had to take a picture of Brielle in front of her future car "Bullet Mustang" to be exact!
Her Gannpa and Gigi are constantly teasing her and telling her that their old beat up suburban is "Brielle's car" but I have different plans............I think she deserves Gannpa's mustang someday! Actually I wish they still made Hummers cause that's what I really want her to drive, Big and Safe and Awesome!
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