Monday, December 12, 2011

Snow Day

Winter is here and it's time to play in it even though I am not a fan!

Bless her heart she could hardly pick up those cups with her poofy gloves.
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Love that face

Brielle could you share some of those eyelashes please!

I thought it might be fun for her to go down the slide

Bad idea, the kid could hardly move with all the clothes I put on her and she went head first into the SOFT snow.

Mom of the year for wanting one more picture aren't I. Poor baby...but don't worry she cried harder than this when I tried to make her come inside, she loved the snow or snowman as she calls it!

After that we headed to my moms house so Kasey and I could go celebrate her graduating that day!
Apparently my mom hurried to get this snowman made for Brielle. My mom was soooo big on making snowmen with us...she always had the best ones. This one however was a little sad because the snow wouldn't pack. One time my mom made us girls a family of Bunny Rabbits out of snow with pink bows around their necks...not very Christmasy but super cute!

A drink to celebrate the ending of school.....FOREVER!

Checking out our awesome family photos my cousins friend took for us!
Here are just a few of the photos she took of us, we were sooo very happy with how they turned out!
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Especially this one.....We all really wanted a unique photo of all of us cousins together!

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I am blessed to have sisters!

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We had our work Christmas open house afterwards so we had to hurry and get our treats ready to go.

Congraduations to my sister Kasey on graduating!!! I'm sooo very proud of you!

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