Friday, December 2, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

There is this awesome street right by our mall and every single house is decorated down the whole block. (my dream, I want to live on a street where EVERYBODY decorates with Christmas lights someday, no scrooges allowed!) We decided to take a walk down the block.

All she kept saying was "Oh WOW" then she'd point at everything and say "What's this, what's this" ha!

Big eyes of amazement!

When we got home Brielle felt the need to pick up Neely, haha she's never done that before.

Neely was sooo patient!

It's time to put up the tree........


My Christmas wreath, I added some finishing touches.

My new Christmas treats tray
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Landon's little cousin Nick's tower o' presents!

Loving the wrapping paper I found this year! I love wrapping gifts!
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It wouldn't be Christmas without Christmas outfits! I love Holiday themed outfits on kids!




We adopted a 2 year old little girl (of course) off the angle tree this year! I so wish we could see her face when she opens the ride on ATV!

We stopped at a new sandwich place on the way to drop off our angle tree goodies.

Brielle had rash on her hand from where she sucks her thumb at night and when I pointed it out she said "I'm sorry" to herself and then kissed her own owie haha!




Our small group at church volunteers at a foster type/safe home for children, we all pitched in and got them 2 wii's... one for the girl house and one for the boys.

We took 8 dozen cookies along with sprinkles, chocolate chips and icing for the kids to decorate for Christmas. I wasn't allowed to post any pics with the kids in them. Most of their parents don't know where they have been taken and most of them were removed from pretty bad situations.

Marcus making his own masterpiece.

Our kids decorated cookies too!

It was sooo fun to see the excitement of the kids opening the wii!



  1. I loved this post! Brielle is such a little sweetie...she looks so precious in all of her outfits!

  2. OMG! The picture of Brielle with the hat and the dress with the Christmas tree on it, she looks so Big!! Stop growing so fast little B!! She looks like such a big girl!! Love all the pics Diana : )


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