Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Movie Night

Saturday night we had movie night at Randy and Teresa's, complete with cookies, milk and popcorn!




Gannpa and his girls, they were really into the movie!

We headed to Aunt Carols house after church to celebrate Grammy's upcoming Birthday.

The sweet angel Brielle made in class! She's never made anything before and I am just so proud and beaming for this little angel....It's gonna be so precious when she's in kindergarten and actually excited to show me what she's made..I'm gonna have to block off a wall in our house for her creations!
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Aunt Carol showing Brielle how to play with the toys.




Sneaking Grammy's gift to her....


Grammy loooooves Mad Lib's so we got her a giant book of them...of course we had to play a couple! Hopefully this will keep her and Carol busy on their long flight overseas to visit Kaytie in a few weeks!

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