Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Claus!

We took Brielle to the library again this year to see Santa Claus. When we got there they had the kids color pages for Santa's thank you book. Then they handed out numbers and called us up one by one. We got to spend as much time with Santa as we wanted and got to take our own pictures, plus everything was free!

The whole way there we talked about how Santa was going to hold her and she was going to hug him and she agreed.......until we actually got there ha!

Ok maybe a high five.

I definitely didn't want to offend Santa, I still wanted my presents!

Then Santa gave every child a wrapped gift!

A book of course.

Proud of her new princess book!

This girl is obsessed with jumping!



Here, let me fix your shirt dada.



After Santa I was craving Starbucks, I love the cranberry bars they have this year!

The we drove to see our favorite house with Christmas lights, they have their own radio station that the lights blink to, I could watch them all night if you let me!

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