Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mommy and Me Gymnastics

I wanted to save this post until the semester was over and do one big one about our first time in gymnastics!

Here she is about to leave on her first day of Gymnastics!
I was a little worried because the class was for 2 to 4 year olds and Brielle didn't turn 2 until the middle of the semester. So her instructor let us try out a couple of classes before completely committing. The first few classes I left sweating just as much as she was from running around after her ha! As time went on I can see an improvement in skills from the first day of class to the last. She has learned to be patient, wait her turn and that she has to listen to not only me but other people like miss Brandi.

They always got a stamp when class was over, she looooved that surprise!
You would ask her what she did today and she would say "Gy-nastics" and raise her hand to show you her stamp.

Brielle loves to "attempt" to do summersaults!

Yay another stamp!

Leaning to patiently wait her turn

Best part of the day!

Half way through the semester we had a family watch day
She doesn't know why all her family is here but she's loving it!

We filled up the whole stands and only left the corner for the other family's haha!
Me and Landon just had to laugh because every time Brielle did something they thought was great, there would be an uproar of applause hahaha!

She loves swinging on the pole

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All of her grandma's

Aunt Kitty

On family day she got a stamp and a sucker! Guess what she asked for the next week when gymnastics was over ha!

We went out to eat as one big family to celebrate afterwards

Ice cream for a job well done!


One of our last class days
Racing Miss Brandi

They would have the kids do summersaults and roll on these slanted mats, but after every task Brielle would love to climb back up and say "slide" and act like she was sliding down even though she was actually having to scoot herself down.

Love this photo, she looks like a little pro!
Such concentration!

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A few things she was doing at the end that she couldn't do at the beginning where, bear crawl, jump with feet together and her arms up, backwards summersaults off a big rounded mat(kinda looked like a yoga ball but long), and a bridge. I'm sooo proud of you Brielle and I had sooo much fun getting to share this experience with you! I will be sad when you move on from the Mommy and Me class.

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