Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moms moving to the Big D!

My mom has decided to move to Dallas, she has always wanted to live in a big city again. She's from Bogota which is the capital of her country so she's no stranger to tons of traffic, tons of people, and tons of fun!

We sent the girls to pick up the U Haul.

Packed and ready to go.....

All thanks to these strong men.

With a toddler breaks are a must........Half the fun is getting there right!

This is the flippin biggest playground slide ever!

Ok mom why the face, the other slide was much more scary!

Pit stop, everybody gets snacks! My hubby looks hot in this picture!

Of course CHEETOS! and I look like I just crawled out of bed, which I did ha!

My little piggy tailed girl picked was proud of her snacks as well.
Mimi saved Brielle's Valentines gift for the road, good idea!

Sticker time.

Brielle did so good on the trip there, no meltdowns. She colored and read and watched Lady and the Tramp. She also put stickers EVERYWHERE...................

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