Monday, February 13, 2012

Circus Gatti!

The Circus is here! I have not been since I was a little girl. We wanted to take Brielle but the tickets were kinda pricey and then last week Landon found a groupon for it! YAY!

The timing couldn't have been better......we had watched Dumbo about a month ago for movie night and a couple weeks ago I TIVOed it on TV. Well since she had RSV last week and had to do three 20 min breathing treatments a day, we pretty much watched Dumbo EVERY SINGLE DAY last week! So needless to say she knew exactly what a circus was!

Brielle had no interest in all the EXPENSIVE goodies there were selling...thank goodness!

I had to take her to the bathroom twice and every time we had to make a pit stop to see "Dumbo" before going back into the circus haha!

My little love!

The elephants were sooooo adorable!

Opening act...Landon said he was disappointed he didn't get to see her face and had to stare at her behind the whole time...typical man!

When they brought out the ponies Brielle's eyes welled up with tears and she said "ride the horsies!" Even if she did get a chance to ride them she would have wanted off 5 seconds later.

The ponies were forgotten and now she's having fun!

I loved the circus! I love that I have a kid and get to do all these fun kid things with her that I secretly would want to do even it I didn't have children!

Loved the animal acts the most! I have 3 dream jobs, working with fashion/clothes, being a Victoria Secret Model and training animals!
Going to the circus made me wish I had a cool different job like this....I know some of you think, what......lame! I would love to train the elephants or dogs or ponies! When we went to Sea World 3 years ago I would have died to be a seal trainer.......someday I hope to get to do something awesome like that!

So I said before Brielle had no interest in the goodies for sale........until the guy walked buy with drinks......That girl loves cups! She would sit in the tub all day if we let her pouring water from one cup to the other.
Once again her little dramatic self let her eyes well up and she says "Where's my little cup" "I want a little cup" could we resist...So we got her the little snow cone cup ($10!!!!). It even lite up, she was in love!

This was the best part of the show!! I was smiling from ear to ear!

The clown had a tub full of stuffed animals....first he pulled out a stuffed dog and pretended to wind it up. Of course it didn't do anything so he threw it out of the ring....then he did the same thing to a giraffe stuffed animal. He kicked that one out of the ring. Then he brought out this little stuffed elephant...he pretended to wind it up (sound effects and everything) Finally the little elephant took off walking, CUTEST thing I've ever seen!!! He looked incredibly real!

Well then he fell over as if he had run out of juice haha, so the clown winds him up again and he takes of walking and falls again. The clown picks him up and turns him upside down and flips him over to see whats wrong...Then to the clowns dismay a puff of smoke comes out the elephants behind haha! I told Landon if it wasn't for that mechanical smoke I would have thought there was a real animal in there by the way he moved!
At the end of the act the little elephant quit working completely so the clown opened him up to see what was wrong and out popped a little dog!!! I knew it! I just died, what a precious little dog! Props to the dog trainer...that was awesome!
Then it was time for the real elephants......not gonna lie my eyes filled with tears when they came out. They were sooo beautiful!

The closing act was 3 motorcycle guys riding around in one of those round cage things...I could hardly watch it was so crazy! Here's a pic of one of the motorcyclist......but he's not just any cyclist....he's a (Hot) COLOMBIAN cyclist! I probably shouldn't say that, he could be one of my cousins!

It had been in the 30's all weekend so after the show we went out for some good ole bbg! BTW, Brielle forgot her $10 light up cup there..all that for nothing ha!

I'm am so blessed by all the precious memories I get to make with my family!

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