Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It Ain't a Vacation W/Out a Little Shopping!

Saturday we got ready bright and early for some shopping of course. Landon's family didn't go shopping every time they went out of town or on vacation, but mine did so I have had to convert him, bless his heart.
Our healthy breakfast

The rainforest cafe is sooo cute I think!

Yup, we never grow up in this family.....That is mom pushing Derrick around in B's stroller.

The boys got tired of waiting on us so they headed to the food court to save some seats. May I ask what Landon is glaring at! I didn't even spend a dime of his money!

Oh look what Brielle found.......


I stand like a dinosaur...Landon gets on to me all the time, he says I look like a creeper haha. I'm gonna blame it on always having my handbag on my arm!

It was so green in Dallas and it's only February!

And for you people from Amarillo, I found out these big things sticking out of the ground are called TRREEEEES! They were pretty awesome, wish we had some here!

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