Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moving on up!

We made it! Had to stop and make a wish!

My cousin Sasha kept B busy while we moved my mom in.

Thank goodness for the men!

Lucky for us her apartment wasn't on the 1st floor, nor was it on the 2nd......
yup you guessed it 3rd floor!

One cool thing is that she lives down the street from the Dallas Cowboys practice field!

We needed some food after climbing 3 flights of stairs all night, boy were my calves sore for 3 days straight....pathetic yes, do I work I'm gonna start!

Brielle was so tickled that Uncle Dawey decided to ride next to her!

When we got back to moms apartment and the weak ones went to sleep and the party animals stayed up for some competitive apples to apples!

This was our cozy sleeping situation. Actually the Thomas family slept in the living room and Landon, Brielle and myself slept in the room with mom. I spent the night hitting Landon and my mom back and forth to get them to stop snoring!

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