Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It'a a hard job

Well it's that time again, Market Time!
Tana, Stephanie and I all flew to Dallas over the weekend to shop, shop and shop some more!
Twirls and Twigs is one of the girl lines we carry and one of my personal favorites! Both of these outfits will belong Brielle when we get them in! The grey one even has pearls, how cute would it be with white lace leggings!

Our big girl outfits....the maroon one is perfect for the West Texas A&M games around here!

I die for the one on the left! That will also be Brielle's!

The one on the right is a romper! I claimed that one too!
I loved this diamond pattern and color scheme, I may have to do this in my next utility room! Best thing about it, is it is wallpaper!
This is the line for the margaritas, I wasn't even at the end...I was in the middle ha! You get quite thirsty after a long days work!
A couple of cute outfits I found that I can make on my own, I didn't want to forget what they looked like.

Love this but I can totally sew that together!

We were really having some fun by this point....we had just finished buying from this fabulous jewelry store, I gonna have some awesome stuff coming in and can't wait to take it home!
You know how you can tell you've shopped toooo much, when your shoulders and collar bone are sore from reaching up all day skimming through hundreds of clothes racks!
It's a hard job but somebody's gotta do it, and I'll gladly volunteer myself!
I had a lot of fun shopping with my friends but I was sooo very happy to be home with my family. Sunday was BEAUTIFUL! Perfect temperature and no wind, which never happens around here so we went to the park.
My camera lens is scratched, it makes me so mad cause you can see the glare bouncing off the scratches in a lot of my pictures.... like this one...

How cute was the longhorn, he reminded me of our rottweiler Dozer.
My girls!
After the zoo we drove around and looked at some houses, not planning on buying one but we looove to look at cars and houses!
Look at the sign we saw! I could not stop laughing, this is genius! Turns out it was one of Landon's friends who did this....I didn't want anyone to miss his open house!


  1. OMG! I am so jealous that you get to go to market! That place seems like HEAVEN!

    1. It is especially if you have a little girl! I have a hard time controlling myself haha! Ashley you would love it!


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