Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When Life Gives You RSV...Bake Cookies!

I didn't go to work on Wed since Brielle was sick. I decided to we should make so cookies since a. this was our 3rd day in the house b. it's almost valentines and c. every mother dreams of making cookies with her little girl!
I tried to do all the prep work and lay everything out so she could do most of it herself
She loved the mixer
Might crafty contraption this thing is!
Now for the good part
While I was piling cookie dough onto the baking sheet, Brielle was getting creative with the salt.
Here they are!
My cookies never come out soft but these were soft and delicious!!!
Proud of herself......actually she just wanted to get the smiling for the camera over with so she could eat one!
you'd never know she was sick!
When Life Gives You RSV..........Bake COOKIES!!!


  1. Love these pictures Diana... I can't wait to come make cookies with you guys!

    1. B would love to do that with her Aunt Kaytie!


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