Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Friends Night

Saturday night Landon and I had friends night. I met up with my friends Kristin, Trena and Khara, we went out and watched a local band perform.
Bathroom picture!
While Landon played poker with the idiots.....I mean guys.

Sunday night was spent like this.....Brielle got RSV and an ear infection, she kept waking herself up coughing and then she'd start crying so it seemed that every 10 minutes we were going in there to console her. So we decided it would be a much better idea if she just slept in the bed with me. Landon slept on the floor next to us, bless his heart.
( she started out with her head at the top of the bed, at one point I looked over and she was in a summersault position still asleep mind you but ended up rolling over instead of doing a flip ha! That girls a crazy sleeper!)
Neely didn't get much sleep either
Brielle has discovered the beauty of a stool! She takes it everywhere and tries to get to everything out of reach!
Now nothing can keep this girl down!

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