Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Big City Rain Forrest

After the mall we wanted to have some family time so we took Brielle to the Dallas Aquarium. She got a little cat nap in on the way there.
We were pleasantly surprised, it was totally not your typical aquarium, it was a RAIN FOREST! If you've never been I would highly recommend going. All the animals were so present and active too, not like a normal zoo or aquarium where you're passing by cages wondering what could be in there.

First thing we saw were giant ant eaters playing together.

These eels were the coolest little things!

Reminds me of the Little Mermaid

I loooove Manatees!

Brielle got to feed one of the parrots a blueberry.

He came so fast I couldn't get a good picture...that blur of yellow is him flying away with his treat.

Oh the way these two love each other melts my heart!

Brielle and the leopard wore the same outfit that day ha!

Dragon fish

I would so own a penguin!


  1. OK We are so putting this place on our to do list when we go to Dallas for Spring break in a couple of weeks! Parker would love it! I was laughing at your comment about Brielle not napping well after the gym on Friday...Parker didn't take a nap either!! I was like what the heck? They wore themselves out at that place but could not sleep!

  2. I went back and read my own post about that day and realized I typed that it was an awesome nap time for Parker. Ha! I typed that right when I put him down for a nap that never took place, I guess I was thinking optimistically! :)

    1. That is hilarious! It was fun though! Yes, parker would looove the aquarium! Try to go on a weekday though, it was super crowed on the weekend!


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