Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PJ's Kinda Day

After an incredibly cold weekend it warmed up to about 55 on Monday. It was still pretty slick in the morning so I opted not to go to bible study but stay home in our PJ's all day!
Brielle had been begging to go outside and play in the snow,
So we made ourselves a snowgirl!

Lunch time. She likes to slip the raspberries on her fingers and eat them like off.

Then we cuddled up in bed and read some books before naptime.

There is the sweetest book I found at Hastings called "Keep love in your heart little one" It's about how much our children mean to us. And how perfect are the characters in this book.......
I love the sweet lines in this book, of course we changed the words a bit..............
"I love you my Brielle, " I continued.
"But there's so much to do in the day,
that it's hard to sit down and make enough time
to say all the things I should say."
"You're everything I always dreamed of
You've got so much beauty inside."
"The way that you smile, that you laugh, that you dance
Makes my heart want to sing out with pride!"
"You live as though life's one huge present,
Unwrapping a bit everyday."
"That's just how we all should be living, my love
and look at you showing the way!"
""And sometimes I know when I scold you,
You feel that I'm being unfair."
"But please understand that it's just out of love."
And I swept back a strand of her hair.
"And please above all else remember-
keep love in your heart little one."
"Reach out to the world like a beautiful flower
stretches out to the warmth of the sun."
"It's the only sure way to be happy,
The only sure way to be free."
"Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams
and you'll be what you dream you can be!"

At last, I lay down on Brielle's pillow
and planted a kiss on her head.
"My beautiful, wonderful, glorious child
you light up my world," I then said.

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