Sunday, February 26, 2012


Saturday night was the best time of the whole trip. We took my mom out to eat a an authentic Colombian restaurant for her birthday.
Waiting to be seated, apparently most people make reservations there.

Empanadas for appetizers.

And a Colombiana, taste like a orange cream soda.
Look at how uncool Brielle already thinks I am. haha! What a look!

She's always like this! Such a hoot!

Landon and I split a typical Colombian plate, Beans rice, Arepa, egg, platano, Colombian sausage, pork, steak and avocado. They don't use a lot of seasoning in their food and it's not spicy at all, still has good flavor though!

Mark, Yasmin and Derrick split this mountain of food!

He can't believe his eyes!

I really wanted a Colombian dessert even though we brought bday cake for my mom. I ordered Brevas con ducle de leche y queso. Translation: Figs with caramel and cheese.......sounds weird but soooo very good! The figs were juicy and sweet all by themselves. I'm not a picky eater and like tyring new things, especially things from my other country. It's just so fun and a good change from the same old restaurants we always go to.

Brielle has spotted the cake!

They live band literally sang happy birthday 10 times because there were 10 people with birthday's that night, it was sooo funny!

It wouldn't be a Colombian party without some dancing! The party started at 9 and ended at 1. We left way before that though because we had a baby to put to bed, next time...we're going solo!

I just love how they dance, I think the way Americans dance is so gross and vulgar (or at least how the teenagers do it) .
I might dance more if we danced like this in our clubs.
What a fun blessed time it was to pretend we were in Colombia for one night!

We were sad to leave my mom but excited for her new adventure.

Trip ride home, all is well

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