Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sweet Moments

I have noting to post but some updates on Brielle. Aunt Kaytie got her some really neat things for Christmas, we got out the water color pages this weekend.
Brielle loved it of course!

You dip a q-tip into water then rub on the color you want and paint! It's not messy at all so I loved that!

Playing with play of her favorite pastimes!

She knows all the main shapes: triangle, circle, square, star, heart and rectangle(that one was a confusing one, looks so much like a square)

she found this new spot in the kitchen this weekend and played there forever!

Love those toes, I love to scream when she takes her socks off and tell her "heeeeey them are mine"....and just kiss, kiss, kiss them!

Once again this little love of mine has said some of the sweetest things lately!
She was wanting to watch cartoons the other day so she cuddled up next to Landon, put her head on his shoulder, smiled a huge smile and said " you wanna watch cartoons sweetie" HAHA! How precious! We've never said sweetie in our life so who knows where she got that from.

Then the other day she told me "you gotta be patient honey" , I about died....honey is another word we do not use. She just brings us so much joy everyday!
(the flower lady gave her a rose at United today)

I tried a couple of new pinterest reciepes that were a huge success. Stuffed squash and roasted chicken with red pepper sauce.

She likes to look at us and say....."you sad?" We will make a sad face and then she will dive in and give us a big kiss and say "you not sad, you happy!" Of course we are happy, we just got a big kiss from you my love!

Brielle has learned LEFT and RIGHT! She's probably known for a while and it just didn't occur to me to ask her ha! I'm sooo excited and proud! It's so fun when your kids learn new things!
Here she is showing us what she knows.....Which ones your left arm I asked......

Which ones your right? I like how she picks up her leg as well........



Landon reading a Fancy Nancy book to his girls!

Balloons make comfy pillows and foot rests!

The doctor is in, she's checking the heartbeat on her mickey mouse drink cup.....

Now it's babys turn....she got another baby for Christmas but this one is still her favorite, probably cause it's from uncle Colt.

Reflexes are good.....

here's some chap stick....

Take your medicine baby! Cutest Dr. I've ever seen!

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