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20 Weeks, It's a BOY!!!

20 Weeks already!!! I'm half way there and I little sad! I loooove being pregnant!
 I just don't really have any pregnancy symptoms.   I still don't have any cravings really, just when I see something and the ideas in my head then I have to have it.  I'm sleeping pretty good and have started only sleeping on my sides.  I do prop myself up on my body pillow so I'm half on my side half on my back, that way I'm still being safe and not putting any pressure on that major artery.  I finally feel like I'm not as sleepy during the day and have gotten my energy back, but according to my pregnancy with Brielle the energy started to go away around 26 weeks so I'm gonna enjoy the next six ha.  My biggest problems are my hips, pelvis and butt bone, they hurt a lot.  It was the same way with Brielle but it's started much sooner this time.  I'm going to the Chiropractor for corrective care for other things and it is helping with the pain.  I'm also getting a massage once a week......envious you are?  Well don't be!! It's torture and it hurts soooo bad...I have to breath through the entire massage as if I'm going through labor already ha!  The purpose of going is not to relax though, my ultimate goal is for my spine and nerves and everything else to be in better health after all this extensive chiropractor stuff.  I'm also hoping this baby comes out easier because of it!

Baby is about the length of a banana
I felt Brielle kick at 19 weeks while I was laying down taking a nap.
  I know now that I've been feeling this baby since 16 weeks!
Landon and I felt the first kicks on the outside at 18 1/2 weeks.  We were both lying in bed on a Saturday morning and the baby was just going crazy,  what a moment, one I want to engrave in my mind forever!
With Brielle Landon didn't  feel her until 22 weeks ( It was actually June 23rd 2009, our wedding anniversary when he felt her for the first time, what a sweet gift that was) so it was a pleasant surprise to him, he thought it would be about 3 to 4 more weeks before getting to experience that again.

Here we are awaiting our 20 week sonogram.  It's so surreal sitting there waiting to see your baby with your "baby".  How is it my baby is going to be the BIG sister now?  Crazy!  We talked about how special this moment was, that  you only get a few of these, we were cherishing every moment of that day from getting ready, to walking in, to sitting in the waiting room, cause we'll never get to do that again.  We'll never feel what we were feeling being the ones in that office again.
 I just can't say it enough how special these moments are!!!
I've had so much peace and not many worries this pregnancy until we were there.
Then I got a little nervous, praying everything was ok with the baby.
19 weeks and 4 days....about to find out what our baby is!  

We wanted to make a special slideshow to send to family to watch since we couldn't do a reveal party and most of them live out of town.  We Skyped with a lot of them and got pictures of their reactions.  That's gonna have to be a post all on it's own.

I had a photo shoot planned outside.  Lets just say that went south and was less than perfect.

My balloons go soooo tangled up it was ridiculous ...I sat in the car and cried for about 10 minutes before I got them all undone.  I refused to throw away ten more of my husbands hard earned dollars for another set of balloons.  So once they were untangled we got out there and the wind was atrocious! I cried again cause I didn't move here for's not supposed to be windy here this isn't Amarillo!!!
So it was cold and we had to stand there waiting for a still moment, this is what most the photos looked like......

Love this picture of Landon, he looks so cute.  But that's not a model expression on his face, that's a someone get me outta here my wife's crazy look. Bless his heart for putting up with me sometimes......
I know how he feels, I annoy myself!!!
He still looks dang hot in this picture though!

Finally a good one....I didn't like the green I switched back to blue hoping it wouldn't give anything away in the slideshow.

That's the shot!!!
Then it was a whole nother tragedy trying to convince Brielle to let go of "HER" balloons and that they weren't going to float away cause mom had actually tied them to her wrist.  I was hollering like Noah in the notebook at Allie to hold onto the rope and jump in the water!  Remember that scene.

We are surprised, thrilled, excited beyond belief to announce that we are having a BOY!!!

Landon got a little dirt in his eye (as he likes to call it) when she announced to us that it was a boy.
I'll never forget the look on his face, made my life!

Hason: Strong and Hardy.

Hason,  I found that name over 8 years ago while flipping through a baby book waiting on my best friend Khara to try on maternity clothes when she was pregnant with her first.  I get bored of  things very quickly so I really loooove this name to have held on to it all this time.  What a blessing I get to actually use it!

Louis is my daddy's first name.  He was so precious when I told him.  He paused and said "weeelll don't you want to name him after Landon's dad or anyone else?"  "No daddy, he will have the Gann last name and we want to name him after you"  He said "well that'll be alright (daddy always says that) that's are real pretty name"  That may not seem like a lot of emotion but coming from my daddy it was! You could tell he was just soooo honored and proud!

That calls for a fist pump!  I never had a hunch with B but I always had boy in the back of my mind with this baby.  Landon still can't believe it!  He knew deep down he would have all girls.  He loves his girl with all his being but how special that he gets a boy!!!  I'm sooo happy it turned out the way it did.  I was super curious what God would choose to complete our family.  I wanted a girl with every ounce of my soul the first time around  and he gave me the desires of my heart, she is my best friend and little buddy and light of my life. But now God is laughing at me as I deal with this beautiful, determined, big hearted,  full of life, emotional, hard headed, makes drama out of nothing mini me.  I'm welcoming a boy with open arms in hopes for a calm little thing the way Landon was when he was a boy lol!
The only thing that makes me sad is no more bows and that Brielle will never know what it is to have a sister, but I can't dwell on that long or I'll start to cry and God's plan is perfect and we couldn't be happier!
If you haven't gotten this from reading we are done after this one.  This is our last baby.

Beautiful big sister!  She's going to be so great, I'm already so incredibly proud of her. 


I'm also sad to never see Brielle's hand me downs on one of my own again.
But a least there will be nieces!
I went through B's clothes right away and had 3 piles this high of stuff to wash, sort and give away to family.

My overflowing box to my little niece Chloe!  I'm excited to see her in some of Brielle's old things.
Sweet memories in this box, kinda hard to let them go!
*Fashion is like art, but more important than art cause you live your life in it*

And whoever said there are no cute boy clothes was totally wrong, they are harder to find but I like the challenge! Girls are almost to EASY and I'm enjoying getting to shop in both departments now, the change from pink is nice!  I have found so much cute stuff I just can't wait!
Here's one of the first outfits I bought him!

I am just in loooove with little boy moccasins with the fringe!
  I want every color there is!

Here's a sneak peak at his room.  "HIS" that is so fun and so weird to type haha!
 I love it!
 This is the color scheme I believe I want to go with.  I can't wait to get started!

John 1:16

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