Friday, March 29, 2013

Visit From Cousin Dawey

I just love that my cousin Derrick lives so close we can see him quite often!
He helped me pull up those two huge bushes in front of our house and
 was still pretty exhausted the next day, bless his heart,

We had a fun weekend planned. First we headed to Southlake to watch the new OZ movie
I haven't heard of many people who liked it but I thought it was really good.
We all liked it.

One of the awesome things about living in Dallas are all the conveniences they have here.
We chose the Southlake Theater because they have a daycare center, it's only $6 to leave your kid!!!!
That way all of us could go to the movie!

It was so cute and clean, I was impressed.
Only thing I didn't like was that it was located at the front
of the Theater and it did cross my mind a couple times that a shooter
 could way to easily get to them, but for the most part I enjoyed my movie!

First thing they did was make Brielle wash her hands...LOVE that!

She got complimentary water and popcorn.

Landon and I NEVER buy theater food but for some reason we splurged this day.
Maybe it was the free popcorn and coke refill you got!!!
They had a seasoning station, Good Lord that was awesome, especially to a pregnant woman.
I so got up in the middle of the movie to get a popcorn refill and I got up a third time to add more seasoning!

I haven't had a coke in 6 months and Hason was going nuts during the movie haha.

My little honey was bullying the other kids when we picked her up,
I guess she had a good time.

Afterwards we headed to a hole in the wall Brazilian restaurant Landon and I had discovered a while back.
It's similar to Texas De Brazil from what I hear.

Mini cheese filled breads

Fried cinnamon sugar bananas

And here is their specialty...MEAT.
They have 12 different meats they bring out on these long metal rods,
sausage, chicken wrapped in bacon (my fav), top sirloin, parmesan pork and so many more!
Look at Brielle's reaction baahaa.

I want that one she says.

Then there was the pineapple

Have I mentioned how much I loooove Flan...and custards, and creme brulee!!

They brought Brielle a complimentary ice cream

I've never seen Brielle look more like Landon than she does in this picture!
I need to find the one of him I'm thinking about when he was little and compare them.

Sunday we made a trip to the Traders Village Flea Market.
I love this kind of shopping!

Only problem is it was blistering cold that day!
  We all swear it was the coldest day we've had since we moved here!

Bows for $1...Jackpot...these things are $6 even at consignment stores!

This place had everything from household items
 like shampoo and cleaning products like you get at Walmart, to groceries,
 to pets and even a small amusement park.

Skipping her way to the Merry Go Round

Uncle Dawey bought her this hat, if it wasn't for Dora
she'd look like she was bout to rob the place haha!

We stopped for some good ole flea market food, burgers and fries.

Totally looked like homeless folks.

Brielle made out big with her bows and new lightning Mcqueen ball.

Typical flea market merchandise.....

Dawey had the most fun of all.  He comes here just to purchase bikes,
 fixes them up and sells them for a profit.  He does really well actually!

Thanks for visiting Derrick! We love it when you're here,
 especially're the apple of her eye!

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