Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Overgrown Bushes

We have these two bushes on either side of our garage that have been bugging us since we moved in.  They wouldn't be so bad but my car mirror scrapes against it every time I pull into the garage and the other one blocks our walkway a bit.  I love landscaping but when it's overgrown and takes away from the house something has to be done!  We had a professional trimmer come out and trim them down but that didn't help much...he thought he'd kill them if he chopped off much more.

My cousin Dawey is was in town for the weekend and I mentioned we wanted to pull up those bushes and replant them along our backyard fence to give our pool more privacy.....he said "lets do it"
Well alright, don't have to tell me twice.

 The deal with Landon is he is a thinker and has to have everything planned out and well organized before jumping into it.  The deal with me (and Dawey) is that we are feelers...we do what we want in the moment cause we feel like it......then eventually we think about it. 
So no preparation...we just started digging and dealt with the problems as they came up.


This is gonna be fun to clean up.

There was only one causality.


Love this picture...looks like a tornado blew by haha.


One of the problems we stumbled upon was that it didn't fit very well
through the fence.
With much pushing and pulling it finally went through.




We got smart with the second bush and only dug it out halfway,
then we used my monstrous SUV to pull it out the rest of the way.
It was AWESOME! Isn't my Lexus a beast lol!


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