Saturday, March 23, 2013

Now That's My Kind Of Ballgame

Landon signed up online hoping to be picked up by a softball team this spring.
He was super excited when someone called him up, I was happy for him too,
this is a good way for him to make some friends around here.
That makes me sound like I'm his mom haha.

Every year since B was born she has gone to Landon's softball games.
This year was different though....she was so incredibly excited and even more proud of her dad.
He is her absolute hero and can do anything in her eyes.
She kept yelling "where is dad" "GOOOO Dad" "Great Job DAD!!!"

I always like to try to keep B close to me at the games, I'm so nervous that she's gonna get hit with a ball, I don't know how parents let their kids run wild without worrying about that. 
Well my worst fear almost came true, she was just a little farther than arms reach away when a ball came flying over and landed on the seat right behind her...a foot less and it would have got her....exactly why I can't let her wander away.  Scared me to death and her too, I couldn't even move to help her, I was frozen.

The second week we discovered a playground right in the middle of all the fields!!!
I watched the game from inside and she got to play.

These big girls were soooo incredibly nice and nurturing with Brielle.
They let her play every game and gave her turns to try the new ones they were teaching her, she totally believed she was 8 years old too haha!  We all know how mean girls can be and it made this mommas heart so happy to see little girls being so kind to one another.  I went up to them afterwards and hugged and thanked them for including Brielle even though we was so little and probably cramping their style.

Softball in Flower Mound is much different from softball in Amarillo.
It's very family friendly...I don't have to get on to grown men for the words they are using around my child.  It was incredibly clean, no drinking allowed except for in the parking lot and the fans are not ghetto (you know what I mean if you've spent any time on the Amarillo fields)
 And everyone is so friendly.  Landon has played softball forever and the same people would come to the games and never talk to each other.  Here it's a completely different story, everyone wants to get to know you and people are very welcoming.  Not just at the softball field but everywhere, I'v never exchanged so many numbers with people at random places like the library, grocery store and hobby lobby. People are just nicer here, I don't know why.

Not a single sunflower seed! Awe so nice! I love our little city!

This has nothing to do with softball but
I've started taking b to the indoor swimming pool every other week or so
to give us something fun and different to do until it's warm enough to use ours.
She was thrilled!

They have a small splash pad, the second she stepped on
 she didn't stop laughing and screaming.
She squealed and squealed!

Changing in the locker room.....this is her get me out of these wet clothes
 I'm COLD face haha!

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  1. hahahaha I love her "I'm cold face!" Sweet little darlin!!!!


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