Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DotMom 2013

A couple weekends ago Emily and I went to our very first Dotmom conference.
And not the last!
But before all that there was some preparation   I arranged for Brielle to go to work with my mom (she works at a Montessori school)  Since b doesn't go tot preschool yet I had to buy her some essentials like a lunch box.  I would have preferred a cute one with a pattern and her name customized on it, but this will do for now.
She was sooooo incredibly excited about her lunch box.  Her eyes got real big and she said "It's so pretty mom!"  It was princess theme.  She even insisted on helping pack her lunch the night before.

Making sure everything is ready to go.

She looks so big here! This is her unofficial first day of school ha.

Telling me "only one more picture mom."  Sweet baby!

Finally we made it! We signed in and were given some really cute burlap type bags with cute prints and verses on them. 

Yes you could even shop there, We wanted so many books but limited ourselves to just a purchasing a couple for now.

This isn't all the women, there's still the back and the right hand side I didn't capture.
I was AMAZING seeing so many other moms in once place who wanted the same things for their children! There is hope that a Godly little boy is being raised up just for Brielle somewhere!!
(I've been praying for that special boy and his parents since B was one, call me crazy)

No one better to share this experience with!

One of my favorite things they said at the beginning of the event was "relax and enjoy your weekend, NOBODY NEEDS YOU RIGHT NOW"  wow that was nice to hear and took a little to sink in. I just kept repeating it to myself in my head "nobody needs me right now!" As a mom you feel pulled in so many different ways and somebody always needs something from you and you want to give them your all.  It's the most important job in the world and that means a lot of pressure!  It's also the best honor and best job I've ever had!  It was nice focusing on me and working on making myself a better mother and wife.
We had awesome praise and worship!
love this song....reminds me of my grandma

There were 4 main speakers and then we got to break away from the big group into smaller ones.  They gave us a pick of classes each session to choose from, anything from bringing up girls to marriage to fashion! It was sooo hard to decide what 4 classes I wanted to take!

Priscilla Shirer's hubby was one of the speakers in the break out groups.

Our lunch.  Since I'm not supposed to eat lunch meat they so graciously made me a special veggie sandwich of my own. (can you spot the slug Emily? lol)

Faithful Friends are a Rare Treasure
Proverbs 18:24 

To my delight they had snacks for us at the end of our day!

We got to meet Melanie Shankle, the author of Sparkly Green Earrings.  I  bought the book and I'm only two chapters in but loving it.

After Party!!!

We started our second day with praise and worship.
 They also provided a box lunch for us (there was a sandwich in there too but I ate it...I actually went back and got just a sandwich out of one of the other boxes and ate it too, baby was hungry!)

Our last speaker of the day was Priscilla Shirer!!! They saved the best for last and she did not disappoint.  I love that woman.  I terribly wanted to get a picture with her but couldn't find her after the event.  Then when we were walking out there she was loading up into her car. Darn it!!! two seconds too late!

I did however get to meet Kelly from Kellys Korner blog! That was cool, I was kind of a  stalker ha!

And his is what we came home to.........

The kids were given poofs to eat and  free range of the playroom while those two enjoyed a good ole game of super Nintendo Mario cart!  Chloe had no food (cause the other two ate all her poofs), Brielle had no bow in her hair (if that isn't a tragedy I don't know what is!)  All throughout the conference they would air little clips of what might be going on in your home while you were away while dad was in charge, the clips were pretty hilarious and crazy and quite true in our case lol.  In all seriousness though we are so lucky to have such great husbands who are happy to give us a weekend away to ourselves and that we can trust completely with the kids!

 Now that someone is half mobile she didn't' want to be left out of the fun

getting a peak at what the big kids were doing.

What the heck is that white fluffy thing she wondered?
 Emily and I joined in..........I was the champion and even beat the boys!
I love days like this!


  1. OK I've never even heard of the "Dot Mom" conference and you've made me want to go next year! What fun! I will for sure have to come down for that.
    Girl, I eat lunch meat in my sandwich every.single.day because I crave turkey and cheese sandwiches. I did the same with Parker and he turned out fine! Dr. Appel always tells me as long as I'm eating deli meat from the grocery store or a restaurant and not some mystery meat from a shady place, you're fine!!! :) I say eat that meat and be happy! In fact, I had a giant turkey sandwich from Schlotsky's today and it was awesome! Thanks for sharing about that conference!

    1. I loooove schlotskys!!! Maybe I do need to eat what you eat....that way I'll stay skinny this whole pregnancy too lol!


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