Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Brielle needs workout support

I bought a pregnancy workout video a while back.  Brielle decided she wanted to do it with me so she ran up and put her gymnastic outfit on (over her pants and inside out of course ha) and then went and grabbed some swimsuit pads I had in one of my drawers.  I just about died laughing.  This girl k\knows you shouldn't work out without good support!  She said "look mom, just like yours."

So I put'em in there.

Much better......her dada didn't like this glimpse into the future haha!

I try to have Brielle help with anything age appropriate that she can.  She's come to love helping me do laundry and has gotten  pretty good at hanging up clothes and folding them....SCORE!

Well lookie there!

I have a good eater......I guess this particular morning she just couldn't get enough with just one spoon.

Double Fistin

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