Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lunch Bunch!

Ok so, since this kid doesn't take naps anymore and if she did she'd end up going to bed super late and me and Landon have grown quite accustomed to having our evenings to ourselves, I decide I needed some time to get things done without a little one around.  B's gymnastics gym offers a Lunch Bunch they call it on Fridays.  It's only $30 and lasts from noon to 3.  So I signed her up!! As you can tell  me and Landon don't pay anyone to do anything for us.  I try to be a good mom, clean, cook healthy meals for my family, do my own yard work, have quiet time to read my bible, teach Brielle preschool stuff, be my own pool boy and so on.  I desperately need a day to get things done without someone needing me every couple minutes and  I feel bad putting her on the back burner while I do.
 I'd also like a little me time.

Brielle was so excited to go...
anything that involves getting to take her lunchbox brings a glimmer to her eye!
She practically ran in!

She turned and looked at me once like"is this ok mom" since they weren't following typical gymnastics class agenda.  I told her to go ahead and play and that was that.

Since I don't like for B to eat junk but I sure enjoy a bad meal here and there
 I have to do it when she's not looking or not around lol!
My first stop was me two favorite.
  Back in the day I used to get three but Landon cut me off from that ha.

I watched some reality tv and then it was off to turn her baby room into a big girl room!
Yes she's still in that darn embarrassing and way overdue for a change....but come on, we were moving 6 months out of the year last year and potty that we finally got her full size mattress in we are skipping the toddler bed and heading straight to a big bed, to make up for lost time haha.

Look how terrible this room looks. A few months ago I bough a couple paint colors to test out and hated them both...they've been there ever since....and so has the sigma nu blanket serving as a curtain in the window.  Don't worry my sweet Brielle,
momma's gonna make your room BEAUTIFUL they way you deserve!! Just wait!

I got the walls painted and the ceiling too.  Yellow and blue.
Tiny sneak peak, more to come!

I  love her in the mornings! She is extra sweet, extra innocent...........

and her eyes are extra HUGE!! HAHAHAHA!

I just love it! I guess she's just trying to take it all in for the beginning of her new day.
She's yawning here, but just  look at those big beautiful bird eyes(as I like to call them) 

My aunt and uncle came into town for a surprise visit.
 We looked at houses for my mom, went out to eat and played some farkle.

This ones always laughing about something!
They brought little Chico along for the ride.
He took over Brielle's Minnie Mouse chair.
 I love these mini visits when family comes through town!

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