Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Carpet!

We are finally getting new carpet put in!!! HOLLAAA!

Like I've said a hundred times the people who lived here before us took no pride in this home. Why did we buy it then...the floor plan was perfect (and it had a pool!) but it needed some care and remodeling.  Our little home is very happy we bought it and we are taking much better care of it. 
Look at the stains on the stairs...they were 10 times worse upstairs.
(we did not notice when we bought the house because they had the carpet professionally cleaned but like all cheap nasty carpet the stains seeped back up and reappeared slowly but surely)

Goodbye yuk!

Oh my goodness, doesn't that feel better!

Brielle stayed out of the way and enjoyed some episodes of Dora.

I gave Neely a haircut, a really bad one at that cause my razor is a piece.

Now she looks like she has the mange ha. Oh well it'll grow back.

When we get the rooms the way we want them I will post before and after pictures.
That's my moms couch, we will be sitting on the floor when she moves out.
I want a sectional for family game nights!

Now if I could just convince Landon to replace those nasty tile counter tops.
I don't understand tile counter tops, stuff gets in the grout and that grosses me out,
 totally unsanitary.

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