Tuesday, March 26, 2013

St Patty's 2013, Take 2

(Apparently my first St. Patty's Day Post didn't work and half my pictures were missing,
lets try this again!)

We started off St Patty's day with breakfast and Princesses.

I told him he's come a long way from his frat days.
He replies that his life has just gone downhill since those glory days.
He loves us I promise!
 Patty's Day isn't something we celebrate huge around here.
We put on our green, mostly because I hate being pinched!

We did find out about parade we wanted to go to at the Stockyards.
Worst petting zoo ever.  He hardly pet a thing and all the animals were over it.
Glad I didn't spend $3 on food like the rest of the folks cause everyone pretty
much ended up throwing it into the cages cause the animals were too full.

The camel was precious, he was so enjoying being pet,
he acted just like a dog.

Then it was off to eat, luckily Landon found us a spot
while we were in the petting zoo that didn't have a 2 hour wait.

Our server wasn't the best and after being there a while we finally got his attention to bring us some chips and salsa.  He brought salsa and went off to find chips.  While he was on the search I stuck my finger in the hot sauce to try it out and see how spicy it was ( I don't do hot stuff) it was to warm for my liking.  Waiter came back and they were out of chips...um isn't this a Mexican food restaurant? Any who he asked if we still wanted the salsa and we said no.  He picked it up and instead of taking it to the kitchen to throw away he set it back up front with the other salsas waiting to be served to customers....yes my fingery salsa was going to get eaten by unexpected Joe lol..........
don't worry, I washed my hands!
After lunch we watched the parade which was mostly horses but that's ok.
We headed to the kid area where they had face painting and kids activities but apparently all that ended after the parade.

So we settled for the candy store.
Landon and I loaded up on every flavor of taffy you could find!
B got a candy necklace.

Brielle loves the little Disney show Sophia The First.
 Sophia has a horse named Minimus.
Here's "Sophia"  riding "Minimus"

She's telling me that Bree (her baby doll) is in her tummy ha.

It's a successful trip when this one falls asleep in the car.

Happy St Patty's Day!

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