Friday, March 8, 2013

The look on your face says it all!!!

Since my mother is living with us until Daddy sells the house and moves here
 we had to find a different way to tell her.
So I ran to the cupcake shop and had them fill one of their premade cupcakes with BLUE icing!
She demanded I tell her when she got home from work so there was no
time to have special cupcakes made.

Since she's not a computer person or pinterest person
she was confused about what she was supposed to do.

Not a lot but blue for sure!

She's smiling cause she knew it!

Then it was time to start Skyping with family! I was sooo excited I bit all my nails off
 I'd been growing for 6 weeks ugh!
First up... Kaytie and Jake I wish I had used my camera phone and not my camera,
 the pictures would have come out much better...
but we were having connection problems anyways.

 She couldn't contain herself and threw her hands in the air
 (like ya just don't care) remember that song ha!

One of the first things she said was "I can't wait to start knitting stuff"
she sent me a photo of these (her boyfriend plays hockey )
I could not stop laughing, if this baby really gets a pair of baby skates I will just die,
have you ever seen anything cuter!

Tears of joy!

Next my cousin Natalie and Trent who are in Italy. 

I love it when I can make someone cry with good news!
Natalie and I texted back and forth all day with ideas on baby clothes and the room!
So fun to finally be able to talk about my ideas with people and
 Natalie always has great fashion and decorating advice!

Landon's mom and Kyle.
Look at the anticipation on her face!

I think she's happy!

We knew this one would booohooo.  She's from a family of criers ha!

My aunt and cousin who both just KNEW deep down it was a boy!

Good guess guys!

Aunt Emily who was for sure said... quote unquote "Landon would have a slew of girls"
Her and Trent made a bet but never actually had a wager.  I'm glad since she lost : )
We don't like it when Trent is right, just makes his head bigger ha.

Levi and Brielle are exactly a year apart with Brielle being older.  This Hason and Chloe will be almost exactly a year apart with Chloe being older...kinda cool how that worked out!

Chloe was happy!
If she could rub her hands together she'd be saying
 "MUAAAH HAHA can't wait for all those hand me downs" lol!

Next was Gannpa and Gigi

 Randy is such a great sincere good hearted man and he just kept saying he would
be happy with whatever and he just truly wanted a healthy baby.
But I sure did see some tears well up in his eyes when he saw it was a boy!
 I know he wanted the name to go on and he has such a special relationship with
Landon I know he hoped he'd get to experience that someday.

BAAHAA! Teresa's face!

By the way Hason is just kicking up a storm as I type this out....I think he can feel the love already!

Now my sister! (see what I mean...I used my camera phone and the pictures are so much brighter!)
She couldn't get her eyes big enough to take it all in haha!

Can you tell she was set on it being a girl!

She's wanted a boy in the family since our cousin Sasha was born 18 years ago!

She said she watched like 3 more times the next day cause she still couldn't believe it!

Mack is excited for a nephew!

So was Abby!

Howling excited!!

My goodness how I love our family and getting to share surprises like this with the people we love most. 
I can just feel how much we all mean to them by looking at these pictures and how much love we have for one another.   Landon, me and our babies are blessed to be loved and supported so much!
Ya'll reactions were the best, you all make my cup runneth over!!!
We obviously know our familys love us but it's overwhelming sometimes to see
 just how much they really do and the closeness we all share!
We're pretty darn Lucky!

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  1. She's a little materialistic already.... Not really!!! She's just so happy to have another cousin who understands her a little better! So incredibly excited to meet hason!


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