Friday, March 15, 2013

All In A Days Work

We have been busy bees around here trying to update this house.
I decided I wanted to paint a few of my interior doors black
 because I looove black and I think it looks chic.

After the first coat....scared me a little!

Makes the brass hardware not look as ugly.
 We finally got a beautiful day a couple weeks ago so Brielle and I planted flowers.
First I took down the extra layer of brick around the flower bed because I thought it looked stupid
and it would block my flowers.

My wonderful helper.

As we were busily planting and digging she looks over at me and out of nowhere and says "Mom we're gonna be best friends forever!" Dear God my heart just exploded and I wanted to freeze that moment forever and ever and ever!!!  I hope so my sweet girl!  I hope we are best friends forever with all my heart,
I want nothing more.

I just love pansies and all the different colors they come in, and they're cheap!

I was gonna throw away the extra bricks from the flower bed and Landon of course says "I'm not gonna throw away good bricks, I'll sell them on craigslist" lol.  Then he suggested putting flower beds in around our trees in the front yard.  I love that, but he's kinda weird about me digging up his grass so I was a bit surprised that this was his idea.  Of course in Diana style I didn't want to wait and with all this warm weather I didn't  want to waste my day away doing housework indoors so I made it my morning project (a bit more work than I anticipated but a good workout none the least)

We finally got our new stove top oven and microwave in,
The Gann's aren't gonna waste $99 having them put it in!

So Landon did the job, it was a pain for him to drill through
 the tile in the back but he got it up and it looks great.

We are getting new carpet installed soon so I taped everything off
 and mom painted the trim.

Even beauty pitched in and helped paint her bedroom door.
(and our newly painted grey walls ha,
don't worry we caught the error soon enough it all wiped off....almost)

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