Monday, November 3, 2014

Maxwells Pumpkin Farm

While I was in Dumas Landon and his mom took the kids to the zoo to get some sex education.   LOL I kid I kid, kinda.  If you think this pic is bad you should have seen the video Landon sent, they make noises!!!

That evening we piled up all the Grandparents and headed out to Maxwells Pumpkin Farm.  I've already said how much I love that place, but I love that place :)

Gannpa was so impressed with the goat feeding machine and the fact that the goats knew exactly what to do haha.  I had to pry B away so we didn't spend our whole night feeding goats!

One of my favs is the blow up jumpy thing!  

Randy and Landon look like they are just floating away in these pictures lol!

Hason at 14 months

Dad and honey bear on the trikes when she was 11 months old.  Makes my heart sad.

That evening Teresa made us strawberry margaritas.  We all sat out on the patio by the chiminea and laughed a lot. You could tell Randy was so happy to have both his kiddos there!

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